• Im on 215mg of oxycodone right now.
  • Nod city bitch.
How do I know if I have low tolerance to opiates?

Take some.

My Tylenol 3's have codeine in them... Could they get me high ?

If you have a low tolerance to opiates, then yes.

Should you eat your family?

Why wouldn’t you?

Do you know anything about buying opiates online??

Yeah. You dont do it.

my boyfriend can't get hard when we do dope or he can't stay hard. any advice?

Nope. Sorry.

I shoot dope but that's the only thing I've ever shot. I'm getting coke this weekend and figured id shoot it. I rarely do coke. How much sgould I start with (i still wanna feel it) and is the prep any different than dope

Shit like a tiny amount. Hits hard first try.