So i know this maybe a completely dumb ass question but im interested to know if the Klonopin Sublingual be injected? If so, does it need to be prepared first?

No. Klonopin is not water soluble.

Whats your preparation process for a tablet you are going to crush and shoot? :)

Shit honestly? Simple.

Get a bottle cap, rip up a tiny part of cigarette filter, break pill up into pieces and put in cap, add however many units of water you need, put cap on needle end, crush pill in the water, draw from filter and shoot dat shit son.

Okay, if u could describe what it's like to be high off heroin could u.. Very detailed ?

Ill start from the point you just slammed down on the plunger (assuming this is quality shit)

First comes the anticipation of the rush. The wait of 3 to 8 seconds before you get that sweet overpowering euphoria that you love oh so bad.

Then it hits you. The feeling of love, joy,euphoria, and anything good in life mashed into one feel.

The rest of the high for the two hours or so is bliss. Youre happy, talkative, just in good spirits while feeling good.

Then the comedown. The part where you prep your next shot or go into sadness as everthing turns back to your normal, shitty, hopeless life and begin to figure out how to get more.

Why do yiu need a bloody wash in that photo you posted of like 5 syringes

Shit, after 5 atleast i got that wash!

What are you diagnosed with?

Chronic pain, depression, anxiety, ibs, muscle spasms, nerve damage, scoliosis, and a couple other ones that im probably forgetting.

I try to not think about them.

Do you work in a pharmacy or do you know someone who does, because /damn/.

Nope. I just have lots of scripts.

I see the pic of all the OP 10s and someone told me you can't shoot them because of the new formula? Have you heard of this? Can you explain it more thoroughly to me? I'm confused :(

The OPs are formulated to be a plastic like substance so they cannot be abused. There are plenty of techs to beat the controlled release. Most involve filing down the pill or using a dremel. You can also let them dissolve in coke.

I always see you with bars, how come all I can ever find is generic? I've legit never even seen a bar, always generic xannies.

Uhm my xanax bars are generic. Xanax is the brand name and they say “xanax” on them. Mine or g3722’s made by a generic brand. They have to be 2mg to come in a bar shape. Smaller mg’s come in ovals or circles depending on the brand.