fun fact for someone with a dark sense of humour: someone who is opioid dependent are called OD in academic journals so someone who overdoses and is dependent on opioids would be an OD OD. not trying to be negative, i just thought it was funny :)

Alrighty then

You and the blog tangoandcashnight are my favorite drug blogs I've ever followed I have respect for you and your views on drugs. My question is: Have you ever shot opana? If so what do you think of it? Thanks and enjoy all your nods :)!

I sure havent. Sorry but thanks!

Have you seen Requiem for a Dream?


People like you need to just stop. Getting all these prescription drugs you don't need, so that the people who need the medications have a harder time getting them. You should be ashamed of your self! I hope the DEA catches your ass.

Suck my dick. I have all my meds cause i need them hop off..

Do you regret starting dope

Not really

Do you live anywhere near Daytona, new Smyrna, or Ormond?


Have you tried tramadol? If so, how did you take it? which other ways can you administer it?

Eat it. Thats the only way. plus its weak

I hope you don't overdose and carry on enjoying life bc you seem sweet :)



dying is taking too long

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